Why you should exhibit at the International Exhibition for Small & Medium Industries / QATAR SME
  • Create new partnerships and conclude new deals.

  • Promote your SMI/SME position and its competitive advantages.

  • Receive expert opinion on the latest developments within the industrial sector.

  • Exchange experiences and gain insight into the industrial sector opportunities.

  • Present an ideal platform to meet and network with peers and competitors.

  • Exploit the perfect environment to identify market needs.

  • Discover opportunities to enter the world’s richest markets through a single event.

  • Provide franchise opportunities to interested parties.

  • Conclude sales and distribution deals.

  • Seize opportunities for partnering with local businessmen.


International Exhibition for Small & Medium Industries / QATAR SME Exhibitor Profile

Steel and Metallurgical Industries

Metal forming machines / Metal sheet works / Welding and cutting equipment / Grinding and bending machines / Horizontal and vertical lathes / Casting mould machines / Cutting and indentation machines / Industrial pads and mechanical presses / Forming machines / Grinding and polishing machines / Moulds / Threading and extending machines / Drilling machines / Milling machines / Machining centres / Sawing and cutting machines / Metal work materials

Electrical Industries

Equipment for electrical machinery / Control units / Tightly installation devices / Electrical Power Tools / Tuning tools / Robotic operations and automation / Laser machines / Measuring instruments and testing equipment / Electroplating / Generator technology and accessories / CNC machines / IDM and consumables / CAD & CAM systems and software

Different and Supportive Industries:

Air compressor collector devices / Accessories and consumables / Hand tools / Pneumatic tools and pneumatic water / Surface treatment / Industrial raw materials / Meteorology equipment / Machinery and tools for woodworks / Test machines / Nut and screw rivet / Computer applications / Pipe work machines / Cutting gas machines /Machines for special purposes / Air-free spray devices and refractory coating technology machines / Presses pneumatic water - factory supplements / Quality control machines / Mechanisms for plastic and rubber industries / Devices for processed food industries / Furniture manufacturing equipment / Mechanisms for textile manufacturing

Floor Plans